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Scottish Rite is a world-wide Masonic Fraternity with a membership of approx. 17,000 in Canada.  Its goals are to build upon the moral and philosophic teachings found in the degree work studied in the Craft Lodge, the foundation of all Masonic work. 

Scottish Rite is a system of Masonic Degrees that elaborates and supplements the content of the three Craft Degrees. It greatly strengthens and extends their teachings by ritual, dramas, and allegory. It is communicated by skilled degree teams.

Scottish Rite evolved in France and dates from about 1740. In 1786 “Grand Constitutions” were enacted, bringing the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite into more formal existence, increasing the number of degrees to thirtythree, with those holding the 33° as the governing body.

The first Supreme Council in the world was established in Charleston, South Carolina in 1801. In 1868 Scottish Rite Bodies were founded in Canada. 

The Supreme Council of Canada was inaugurated in Ottawa, Ontario in 1874.

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You will find a membership application form on the website  Simply download, complete the form, and forward it to the Valley nearest you.

The Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation of Canada

The Scottish Rite Charitable Foundation of Canada supports research into the “puzzles of the mind” and Learning Centres across Canada that provide free tutoring to children with dyslexia. Annual grants to support these causes exceed $400,000.00.